Hello and Welcome on "VeloVTT.com"

VeloVTT.com is as its name indicates it, a site dedicated completely to the passion of the bicycle.
By its multi-media heading, Velo VTT proposes visioner to you clips vidéos produced by a aguérit team of Ardèchois.


Bicycle vtt, it is also a Cartographies heading where you will find galleries photographs and vidéos of marvellous "spots" which offers surrounding Ardeche and its areas.
For the practice of Enduro, Free-Wrinkle, of Trial, Descent, Country Cross-country race and Road, specific headings theirs will be entirely devoted. Velo VTT proposes to the visitors a heading "Advertisements" selectionnées by our care. It include/understand a series of small advertisements bicycle to offer the best to you opportunitées to reach very top-of-the-range products for super price. Thus, the list of many points of sales and occasions commercial will be packed. Not to miss not the occasion to pass an advertisement on VeloVTT.


Some technical and useful recommendations concerning the maintenance of the materiel of your bicycle appear on the site in the Atelier heading. Many purchasing possibilities - sales of your material vtt will be offered to you using our page "partners" (in the course of creation), which will propose the sites to you surest, practising the most competitive prices of the market.
Lastly, do not hesitate to make a jump over the forum of bicycle vtt, history to leave a trace of your passage.